Axequino "Moisture Plus"

The demands we place on equine sports people at competions are ever greater.

Simultaneously ever greater emphasis is placed on the bio treatments we subject our horses to. Solarium, massages, running area, pool, bathing, shaving, magnetic therapy or acupuncture; have all become normal.

The first and only conditioner for use after shaving a horse.

In order to satisfy ever more aware and demanding clients, Axequino presents: Moisture Plus-the first conditioner to use for shaved horses.

The conditioner Axequino "Moisture Plus":

  • moisturises
  • conditions
  • soothes damaged skin
  • Soothes minor sores and scratches
  • Prevents itching
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Provides a glossy finish
  • Maintains the skins protective properties removed during frequent bathing

Using the innovative components Axonnite Silver and Axonnite Copper ensures cosmetic properties.

Shaving has never been so safe for the skin.

Axequino "Moisture Plus"

  • Does not irritate
  • Does not foam
  • 0% alcohol

The glycerine used in the conditioner is of the highest quality source from plants, and will ensure the optimum level of skin moisturisation as well as reviving elasticity.

Axequino Moisture Plus improves your horses appearance and soothes your horses skin, makes your horse feel good, thereby accentuating its natural beauty.

When should one use Axequino "Moisture Plus"?
  • After shaving
  • Whenever you wish to accentuate your horse’s beauty
  • To prevent dust settlement
  • To ensure easier, faster and more pleasant cleaning
  • If you wish to minimalise the risk of bacterial and fungal infection on your horse’s coat
  • To eliminate itching
  • To protect the skin against the harmfull effects of its environment
  • To help regain the skin’s natural protection after bathing
  • To prevent skin flaking
Can I use Moisture Plus if my horse is not shaved?
Certainly “YES”. Not only does the shaven horse’s skin and coat require additional protection. Training during the winter months and frosts, in damp conditions, or in hot conditions can adversely influence the skin condition of non shaven horses. Leaving a not entirely dry horse in a warm box provides ideal conditions for the development of bacteria and funghi.
Moisture Plus protects against these kind of problems, ensuring moist and elastic skin.
How does Axequino "Moisture Plus" conditioner work?
Each application of the conditioner ensures that the natural Axonnite substances remain on the horses coat preventing growth of bacteria and fungi.
The coat regains its shine, becoming smooth and silky.
Prevents dust settlement ensuring easier cleaning.
Is Axequino "Moisture Plus" made for my horse?
Yes, if hydrated skin is important to you. If you want to protect your horses skin from wind, rain and freezing cold.
You care about soothing skin irritation, perhaps caused by shaving.
How to apply Axequino "Moisture Plus" conditioner?
Apply by evenly spraying the coat of the horse after clipping. Leave for a few minutes, then clean as normal using cloth or brush.
Do not rinse off.

Important: Regular usage of Axequino "Moisuture Plus" prolongs the effect of the conditioner.

No colorants. No preservatives. Aroma free.

Contains: 500ml

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