Axequino "Healthy Shine"

The conditioner that will ensure comfort and beauty for your horse. Axequino "Healthy Shine" conditioner for a shiny coat, mane and tail.

For daily use, especially recommended for sports horses.

Axequino conditioner shines and conditions a horses coat, provides a shiny finish to the hair and eases brushing.
Perfect for using before a competition or show.

Axequino is a guarantee of a fantastic appearance and care at the highest level based on modern technology.

Natural substances in Axequino conditioner:

  • Axonnite Silver
  • Axonnite Copper

Characterised by their powerful: Antibacterial and Antifungal properties

How does Axequino Healthy Shine conditioner work?
Each application of the conditioner ensures that the natural substances, remain on the horses coat reinforcing your horses appearance with each application.
Thanks to Axequino "Healthy Shine" the skin becomes elastic and the coat regains its shine, becoming smooth and silky.
Prevents dust settlement ensuring easier cleaning
How to apply Axequino Healthy Shine conditioner?
Apply by evenly spraying the coat, mane and tail of the horse. Leave for a few minutes, then clean as normal using cloth or brush.
Finally brush out the mane and tail. Do not rinse off.

Important: Regular usage of Axequino Healthy Shine prolongs the effect of the conditioner.

Additive free. No colorants. No preservatives. Aroma free.

Contains: 500ml

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